Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I find the price for a gown?
A. We suggest using the Retailer Locator on our website to find an Authorized Retailer in your area. A CB Couture Authorized Retailer will be happy to assist you with pricing information.
Q. Can I buy a CB Couture dress directly through you?
A. CB Couture is a bridal manufacturer and wholesaler. We do not sell directly to the public. Please use our Retailer Locator to find an Authorized CB Couture Retailer near you.
Q. Do you make gowns for petite or plus sizes?
A. CB Couture produces gowns for all sizes. Our Authorized Retailers are trained to personalize each fitting in order to ensure you receive the perfect gown for you.
Q. I like a CB Couture gown, but I would like to change the neckline. Is that possible?
A. Yes, because each dress is made to order, you may customize your gown to your particular preference. Our unique ability to customize our styles gives brides a chance to design a one-of-a-kind creation.
Q. I found a dress I like online, now how can I see it?
A. Please visit the Retailer Locator section of our website to find an Authorized Retailer in your area. If they do not have that particular gown in their collection, we will be happy to ship it to them.
Q. What if the store I’m buying my CB Couture gown from is not listed as an Authorized Retailer on your website?
A. If the store is not listed on our website as an Authorized Retailer, or if you do not see a CB Couture Authorized Retailer seal in their store window, they are NOT a legitimate retailer of CB Couture gowns. We strongly recommend that you purchase your gown through an Authorized Retailer, so CB Couture can support your purchase.
Q. Can you send me a catalog?
A. Catalogs are available to our CB Couture Authorized Retailers. Also, all of our gowns can be viewed on our website.
Q. Can you provide me with shipping information on my gown?
A. All inquiries concerning the shipping of your gown should be directed to the Authorized Retailer that you ordered it from.
Q. How do I know what size to order?
A. When you place your order, the retailer will take your measurements and assist you in selecting the correct size gown for you. Our experienced retailers are trained to provide you with the best fit. They also will be able to advise you on customization options.
Q. How long after ordering until I will receive my gown?
A. Delivery time varies based on style and customization. Our Authorized Retailers will be happy to keep you advised on all the details of your purchase and delivery timing.
Q. Is it safe to buy a CB Couture dress online?
A. CB Couture does not recommend making this very important purchase via the Internet. Only CB Couture gowns purchased directly from Authorized Retailers are certain to be genuine CB Couture creations.
Q. My wedding is two years away. How can I find out if a style will be discontinued?
A. CB Couture never discontinues any of its styles. This is unique in our industry as most bridal gown manufacturers do discontinue different styles as time passes. For the most current styles, we suggest you check the Collections page of our website, and if you fall in love with a style from a previous collection, we will be happy to make it especially for you.
Q. How do I know what shade of ivory I will get?
A. When you visit an Authorized Retailer, they will be able to show you swatches so you can be sure that you will be happy with the exact fabric and color.
Q. My wedding is canceled. Can I return the gown and get my money back?
A. We suggest you contact the Authorized Retailer you bought the gown from and inquire about their specific return/exchange policy.

For any other questions regarding CB Couture, we suggest you contact your nearest Authorized Retailer. They will be happy to assist you with any information or inquiries regarding your wedding gown.